Class VW bogie workmen's vans (ex Country lavatory coaches)

This page covers the VWs converted from carriages of classes AA, AB, ACL and M.R.W.A. J class. There were three body styles involved. The first was the 6 compartment AA class all 1st. The second covers the AB, short ACL and M.R.W.A. J classes which were all identical in external appearance. Finally there were the Long ACLs on a 58'-0" rather than 49'-0" underframe. In 1959 AA211 became the first coach in this group to become VW5067. It was written off in 1982.

VW5121 as converted from M.R.W.A. J1

AB244 became VW2146 in 1958. AB245 followed as VW5068 in 1959. ACL 236 became VW5128 in 1970. Unfortunately I don't have photos of any of these. Two M.R.W.A. coaches of this type became VWs. In 1969 J1 was converted to VW5121 whilst J4 (after serving as ACL31) became VW5149 in 1974. In 1975 VW2146 was written off. VW5128 was written off in 1980 whilst VW5068 was written off in 1982

In 1968 ACL403 was the first long ACL to be converted to a VW as VW5113. It was written off in 1991.

ACL 404 became VW 5123 in 1970. It was written off in 1991.


ACL409 became VW5122 in 1970. In its later years sported a unique yellow and blue livery and was located at Northam. It was written off in 1992.

The table below summarises these vehicles.

Number Old no TYPE Old class to VW Written Off
5067 211 AA AA 1959 1982
2146 244 AB AB 1958 1975
5068 245 AB AB 1959 1982
5121 J1 AB M.R.W.A. J 1969 1992
5128 236 AB ACL 1970 1980
5149 31 ex J4 AB ACL (ex M.R.W.A. J) 1974 1995
5113 403 ACL ACL 1968 1991
5122 409 ACL ACL 1970 1992
5123 404 ACL ACL 1970 1991

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