Class VW bogie workmen's vans (ex Platform ended coaches)


Two of the 1903 built AR class carriages (277 and 284) ended up as VWs. Both were originally built as AR class second class carriages. They were converted to provide sleeping accommodation in 1912-3 and reclassified ARS to reflect this status in 1924. Both were written off in 1975 at the end of WAGR sleeper services and became VWs in 1979.

VW286 was originally a matching first class sleeping car (AQ286). It became a second class sleeper (AQS) in 1935 and was converted to a dining car (AV) in 1950. It too became a VW in 1979 after being written off in 1975

Four dining cars to match the AQ and AR classes were built in 1905. They were the first dining cars built for Western Australia.

AV315 was the third of the four dining cars built in 1905. It gained 4-wheeled bogies in 1924. The bogies were changed again in 1965. It was written off in 1975 and became a VW in 1979. It was finally written off in 1992.

The photos below show both sides of the vehicle which apart from the air conditioning units on the roof had not changed much externally from its days as a dining car.

Although superficially similar to the 2XX series carriages the 3XX series AQ and AR (but not the AV) class coaches built in 1908 used a different underframe arrangement although they had the same 6-wheeled bogies. This was eventually less satisfactory than the that of the 2XX series coaches and was replaced in some coaches.



Three of the 3XX series AQ class first class sleepers built in 1908 eventually became workmen's vans. AQ 338 built in 1908 became a composite sleeping car (class AQC) in 1949 and was reclassified VW5082 in 1964. It was written off in 1975.

AQ344 (reclassified AQC in 1932 and fitted with a steel underframe in 1955 from a suburban car) became VW5146 in 1973. It was written off in 1996

VW5146 (other side)

VW5146 (later)

The final conversion was AQC339 which became VW339 in 1979after being written off in 1975. It began life as AQ339 in 1908, became an AQC in 1949, was given a steel underframe from a suburban car in 1956. It was written off in 1991.


Two of the 3XX series AR class coaches (348 and 349) became VWs in 1979. Both were AR class second class day coaches until 1956 when they were converted to ARS class sleepers. In this case the steel underframes are known to have come from AT 299 and AT252 respectively in 1956. Both were written off as coaches in 1975.

VW349 (other side)

The table below summarises the former coaches covered by this page.

Number Old no TYPE old class to VW Written off
277 277 AR2XX ARS November 1979 August 1992
284 284 AR2XX ARS November 1979 July 1995
286 286 AQ2XX AV November 1979 July1995
315 315 AV AV November 1979 February 1992
5082 338 AQ3XX AQC June 1964 March 1975
339 339 AQ3XX AQC November 1979 May 1991
5146 344 AQ3XX AQC September 1973 1996
348 348 AR3XX ARS November 1979 July 1995
349 349 AR3XX ARS November 1979 August 1992

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