Class VW bogie workmen's vans (Converted classes VA and VB)

A total of at least eight VA and VB class vans were reclassified as class VW. The earliest was VA10214 which became a VW in 1934 but reverted to class VA in 1935.

The remaining vans were not reclassifiedVW until after 1970. Details are given in the table below.

Unusually for a workmen's van VW2224 remained essentially unchanged from its original VA condition. Perhaps the Signal and Telegraphic Engineers (S&TE) had less need of changes than other engineering departments.

I don't know the number of the van in the next two photos. It was part of Mobile gang 503 for some years in the eighties and carried no number (and yes I forgot to look for the wagon plate). Photos were taken at Narrogin.

The white van shown below was (I think) VW10204. It was at Northam when photographed and ,apart from the white paint, unmodified.

In contrast to the above vans VW5150 has been extensively rebuilt with completely different doors and the louvres removed. Apologies for the poor quality of the lower photo but it is the only one that I have of the other side of VW5150.

VW5147 seen here at Bunbury was also quite extensively modified.

1934 10214 ex VA
1935 10214 to VA
1963 2224 ex VA
1970 10191 ex VA
1973 5147 ex VA10152,

VW10168 ex VA,

VW10204 ex written off VE

VW13344 exVB

1974 VW5150 ex VA10200
1975 VW10133 ex VA, VW5147 written off
1976 VW10191 written off
1980 VW10133 written off
1982 VW13344 written off
1985 VW5147 still extant and in use

VW10204 written off

1988 VW2224 written off
1991 VW5150 written off

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