Tanker wagons

Mobil owned WJD 501, 502 were built in 1969 to carry petrol and distillate. They were sold to BP in 1985.

WJE 506 was a unique tanker built for Mobil in 1970 to carry petrol or distillate. It was sold to BP in 1985.

WJF 509 was built for Mobil and sold to BP in 1985.

WJG 511, 512 owned by BP.

The two WJH class tankers (521, 522) were built for Caltex in 1971. WJJ 525 was built for Caltex in 1971.

WJJ 531, owned by AMPOL, was built in 1971

WJK - BP 515-516. WJK 515 from South Australia was issued to traffic in 1985. ( It may have gone there earlier)

WJK 541 was built for Golden Fleece (H C Sleigh) in 1975?. It was taken over by Caltex in 1985. WJK 545 was ESSO's only standard gauge tanker in WA. Built in 1975, it was sold to BP in 1986.

Shell tankers WJM 551 and 552 were built in 1971. Shell owned WJL 561 and 562 were built in 1973. Shell owned WJN 565 was built in 1973. Shell's WJQ 611, 612 were built in 1982.

BP owned WJM 553 was presumably built at the same time as the Shell WJMs.

WJR 615 was the final tanker built for Mobil for WA. It was built in 1983 but its stay was short and it went to South Australia in 1986

WJU 619 was written back and converted from TD 1430 (presumably from some other state as this isn't a WA class or number).

Nine WJP class tankers numbered 571-579 were built for Shell in 1974. A further three (WJP 580-582) were added in 1976 followed by WJP 583 in 1978, WJP 584 in 1980 and WJP 606 and 607 in 1982. In 1985 WJP 579 and 580 were withdrawn from traffic and sent to South Australia. In 1986 WJP581-583 were converted to narrow gauge and reclassified JPC.

Mobil owned WJP 585 and 586 were built in 1976. A third tanker 587 followed in 1978 and a final one 588 were built in 1979. The Mobil tankers were all sold to BP in 1985.

Ampol's WJP 591-594 were built in 1976. WJP 594 was withdrawn in 1981.

WJP 601 and 602 were built for BP.

In 1976 eight JPA class tankers were built. In the 1980s two were converted to standard gauge and reclassified WJPA. In 1985 one was reconverted from WJPA and reclassified JPAA.

In 1981 a group of tankers numbered were built with the final member of the class being issued to traffic in 1982. Two of the class 14591 and 14597 were issued as class WJPB on standard gauge bogies. They were all owned by Bain Leasing Pty Ltd.  In 1985 WJPB14591 was converted to narrow gauge class JPBA. In 1987 JPBA 14589, 14594 and 14595 were converted to standard gauge as WJPB.

Two 6000 gallon tankers were built for B.P. by Commonwealth Engineering in 1965. They were numbered JTD340 and 341. JTD341 was written off in 1970 whilst 340 was converted to standard gauge as WJT 520. In 1988 one wagon (I?m not sure which) was written back to stock as standard gauge WJT618.

An NTAF tanker was issued new as WTAF 640 in December 1989. It was owned by Caltex.

A BP Tanker numbered WTAF 620 was also issued in 1989 but this was quickly reclassified to WTBF.

Three NTAF tankers were reclassified WTEF in 1995. They retained their original NSW numbers 4726-4728.

Four W.A.G.R. Fuel Tankers classed WST were built in 1970 with the final wagon of the class, following in 1971

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