Class Z Platform ended Bogie Brake vans Z110-113

Z111 at Frenches on 22 October 1940 (Photo S Hood. RHWA collection)

This small group of four brake vans built in 1912 was to a new design which retained the end platform of the clerestory vans but had a simple arc roof. They were not repeated but a new standard design without the end platform appeared in 1913 (type 7) which ran to a total of forty vans.

First number Issued to traffic Final number Date renumbered Electric Light Reclassified VZ Fate Written off
Z9701 December 1912 Z110 June 1941 November 1953 July 1974 October 1978
Z9702 December 1912 Z111 - - - Collision Frenches, Frames to ZG15 March 1942 December 1940
Z9703 December 1912 Z112 August 1939 December 1955 May 1974 October 1978
Z9704 December 1912 Z113 March 1939 May 1957 - February 1960

The WAGR outline diagram is shown below.

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