Z Class Bogie Brake vans Rebuilt from ZB class Z202 etc.

When the W.A.G.R. stopped providing passenger accommodation on goods trains the ZA and ZB class vans were made redundant. Several of the ZB class vans were converted into Z class brake vans. The first conversion (Z217 in October 1968) had an all-steel body (above). Later conversions used plywood.

The vans involved were as follows:

Z217 rebuilt with all steel body October 1968, written off April 1982.

Z202 rebuilt October 1969, written off July 1985.

Z209 rebuilt April 1970, written off July 1985.

Z215 rebuilt December 1968, written off January 1985.

Z216 rebuilt July 1970, written off August 1985.

Z219 rebuilt September 1969, written off August 1974.

There were several detail differences amongst these vans including rain strips, dog box doors, and the unique platform end lights of Z215.

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