BA Class Horseboxes

 A rather battered looking BA1001 at Midland workshops (WAGR Official - ARHS(WA) collection)

The early W.A.G.R. horseboxes were all put into class A in 1900. However, all of the other two letter "A" codes were used by carriages and so when new horseboxes were constructed there was a bit of a classification problem. This was resolved by putting all of the later horseboxes into the "B" group.

The W.A.G.R.'s later horseboxes were the six BA bogie horseboxes (BA1000 - 1005) of 1903 and the eleven BB class large four-wheel horseboxes built from 1907.

The BA class horseboxes seem to have had a relatively uneventful life until the end of the large-scale use of horses after the Second World War. In 1952 numbers 1000-1002, 1004 and 1005 were converted to ZBA class brake vans numbered 435-439. Number 1003 was not selected for conversion for some reason and was written off in 1954.  The Jetty list contradicts this and says that BA1001 became Jetty 214 in 1958.  I suspect that it is the Jetty list that is in error and it was BA1003 that became Jetty 214.

Other Horseboxes

The W.A.G.R.'s other horseboxes were classes A and BB.

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