BB Class Horseboxes

The early W.A.G.R. horseboxes were all put into class A in 1900. However, all of the other two letter "A" codes were used by carriages and so when new horseboxes were constructed there was a bit of a classification problem. This was resolved by putting all of the later horseboxes into the "B" group.

The W.A.G.R.'s later horseboxes were the six BA bogie horseboxes of 1903 and the eleven BB class large four-wheel horseboxes built from 1907.



Photo WAGR official (ARHS collection)

In 1907 a batch of ten BA class horseboxes capable of carrying three horse rather than the two carried by the A class was built. They were numbered 1,2,4,5,1074.1892, 1896, 2718, 4259 and 4265. In 1920 the sole DY class bullion van number 5893 was rebuilt as a BB class horsebox. The BB class horseboxes seem to have had a relatively uneventful life until the end of the large-scale use of horses after the Second World War. In 1954 numbers 4,1074, 2718 and 5893 were written off followed by the rest in 1955.

Other Horseboxes

The W.A.G.R.'s other horseboxes were classes A and BA.

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