I Class GSR type single bolster wagons (class M before 1900)

Eighteen 12'-0" long single bolster wagons were built for the G.S.R. to the same design as the wagons built for the MRWA as their class E.

I do not yet know the GSR classification or numbers of these wagons.

Most of the class was converted to class N just before the First World War at about the time that the QA class bogie bolster wagons were built.

A single pair of wagons survived until the mid thirties and were then written off.


1896 4340-4357 ex GSR.
1909 4355 to Smith and Timms Port Hedland
1912 4340, 4347-4349, 4350, 4352-4 converted to class N
1913 4341, 4343, 4345, 4351, 4356, 4357 converted to class N
1914 4344 to Railway Mill and then returned

4346 converted to class N

1935 4342 written off. To JETTY 306.
1936 4344 written off
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