HW Class low-sided workmen's wagons

 This class is another mixed bag group of wagons. It was created in 1954 to cover the low sided and flat wagons used as workmen's wagons.   At least one of the (977 opposite)  acquired a van type structure mounted in a semi-permanent way on the floor.  In this case the original ends remained in place although the sides were removed. I do not know to what extent these wagons were modified from their original condition when they became HW but it seems likely that they were all different. 






The photo to the right shows HW977. It seems to have lost its sides and acquired a semi-permanent van body belonging to the Signal and Telegraph engineers.  

The types left covered by this page are:

1. One (NZR type) wagon converted from class H recorded as "with breakdown crane".  I don't know whether this means it had a crane itself or if it was part of the breakdown train consist (which seems more likely).  

2. Twelve other wagons on NZR type chassis converted from classes G and H.

3. Three wagons converted from class GA

4. One wagon converted from class GC

5.  Two ex MRWA I class ballast wagons. 

1954 2269 reclassified from H
1957 2004, 2776, 3128, 3913, 3955 reclassified from class H

1134, 3756 converted from class G

5286, 5529, 5561 converted from class GA 


948, 1996, 2260 reclassified from class H

1134 written off

1963 977, 2437 reclassified from H
1964 9836 converted from class GC
1966 40525, 40538 ex MRWA I class.
1968 2004, 5286, 5561 written off
1970 3128 written off
1971 948 written off
1972 3756 written off
1973 1996, 2437, 2776 written off
1974 2269, 40525, 40538  written off
1975 2260, 3913, 9836 written off
1976 977, 5529 written off
1979 3955 written off

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