M.R.W.A. Class DXA sheep trucks. Never taken into W.A.G.R. stock

In 1936 the frames of three recently scrapped HM class horseboxes were used to build three new sheep trucks DXA613-615. Three more new wagons to the same design, DXA616-618, were turned out shortly after.

In 1953-5 with the demise of the DA class the DXA trucks were renumbered 601-606. DXA 605 was rebuilt with a new DXB style body in 1954 but this programme was not pursued and in 1955 the rest of the class were written off. Parts from these wagons were used to build CA708, E327, I357, I362 and S1000.

DXA 605 was renumbered DXA 600 in 1955 and was finally written off in 1964.

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