Class C Sheep Trucks (Class N before 1900)

In 1900 all of the W.A.G.R.'s 4 wheeled sheep trucks were grouped together as class C. A new design on the 1902 15'-0" steel underframe appeared in 1902. They were very similar to contemporary N.Z.R. vehicles. From 1904 this design was altered to use the GB 15'-0" wooden underframe. The same underframe was also used underneath a new body design, which appeared in 1912.

The new larger sheep trucks of 1919 were initially put into class CA but were soon reclassified CX for reasons which are not now apparent. These vehicles became the standard until 1933 when a new design (class CXA) appeared. Over 400 of these CXA class wagons were built in the period up to 1953.

In the post-war renewal program a new 4-wheeled sheep truck was included as class CXB. This was the final design introduced into service. They used the post-war standard 18'-0" chassis and the extra 2'-0" in length increased the capacity by 14 sheep over the CX and CXA classes. It seems a little odd that they were not given a two-letter class as most of the C group classes remained unused.

The Midland Railway of Western Australia also owned sheep trucks but with the exception of the DXB class none came into W.A.G.R. service.

Bogie cattle trucks can be found in Classes S, SA, SX and SXT.

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