SXT class sheep wagons

The SXT class consisted of ten wagons converted from TA class bogie cattle wagons and CXB class four wheeled sheep trucks. The frames of the CXB's were used for NF class flat wagons whilst the bodies were donated to the SXT's. The TA bodies were scrapped. The converted wagons carried the numbers of the TA's whose frames they were built upon as follows:


23616, 23624, 23634, 23654, 23676, 23684


23610, 23613, 23642, 23672

In 1975 two wagons were written off (23616, 23672). Another (23654) followed in 1977. The rest survived until the end of livestock traffic on the W.A.G.R. in 1985.

Both 23624 and 23642 were converted to JS class wagons in 1986 and 1987 respectively. The final conversion was 23676 to class QK in 1988. The remaining wagons (23610, 23613, 23634 and 23684) were written off in 1990.

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