Class VW bogie workmen's vans (ex Y class)

The Y class gunpowder vans were built in two batches. The first group came from Oldbury Carriage and Wagon Co in 1898 and were numbered 2872 - 2875. After a gap of eight years a second batch of 5 vans (6796-6800) were built at Midland Workshops.

Four of these vans passed in workmen's service during the depression years, 6800 in 1929, 6797 in 1933 and 2872 & 2873 in 1934.

VW6800 became a scale adjusters van class VS in 1950 but reverted to class VW in 1962. It was written off as a VW in 1973.

Three of these vans returned to class Y. 2872 in 1935, 6797 in 1936 and 2873 in 1937.

In 1970 Y6798 became VW5127. It was finally written off in 1976.

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