Class VW bogie workmen's vans (ex Brake vans)

The oldest brake van to become a VW was Z83 which was converted from Type 1. VW5069 was reclassified from Z83 in 1961. It was written off in 1976.

Another van (which if the 1959 load tables are to be believed) started out as the same type was Z28 but it either never had a clerestory roof or lost it at some point. Originally built in 1910 as Z4998 this van became Z28 in 1938 and finally VW5129 in 1970. It was written off in as a VW 1976.

After 1986 when the use of brake vans on ordinary goods trains came to an end, surplus Z vans were available for conversion to workmen's vans. Written off Z548 (type 17b) was written back as a VW in 1986. Z537 was also re-classified VW but I don't know when (but probably around the same time as it was written off as a Z in August 1985).

Above and Left VW537. Below VW548

There was also at least one type 18 van (Z571) reclassified as a VW. Again I have no dates although it was written of as a Z van in November 1985. I also only have a photo of one side.

Later conversions of Z class vans to workmen's use were not reclassified and remained as class Z even though written off.

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