Standard Gauge Brake vans

The WAGR owned 5 classes of Standard gauge brake vans.

The first five WAGR standard gauge brake vans were the WBA class vans. They were built by Com. Eng at Bassendean.  The class lasted intact until the end of the brakevan era on WAGR in 1986.  These were a copy of the South Australian all steel brake vans built from 1961 onwards numbered 8314 upwards used on both broad and standard gauges.

The WBC class brake vans were built in two main groups and one odd van. The first batch appeared in 1966/7 and the second batch in 1971. The odd van (878) owned by Western Mining Corporation was built in 1974. They were visually similar to the WBAs and also lasted until the 1980s.

The two WBD class crew vans were intended for interstate operation but this never really happened with ANR crews doing the long distance turns in their own vans. Only one was retained and the other was converted to inspection car WAL 951 in with the new number in the coach list. WBD 852 was reclassified WBDY in about 1980 but was written off in 1990.

The WBE class brake vans were conversions of the unsuccessful WVB class 4 wheel vans. One was transferred to Lefroy Salt in 1975 but returned to WAGR stock in 1984. Again they lasted until the end of brake van operations. Two of these vans enjoyed a second life as service stock in classes WBEF and WBES.

The two WBF class brake vans (811 and 812) were converted from HRA 55 and 57 in February 1979. They were both written off in June 1982.

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