Ballast wagons

In 1964 the WAGR acquired 50 four wheeled Ballast hoppers from Commonwealth Railways which became class WSJ. These had originally been built as BAS class hopper wagons by Westralia Ironworks and Gray Brothers for the CR in 1915/6. In 1964 they were intended for a 10 year life and within a very short time 3 of them had been written off. They did linger on rather though with the last few hanging on until 1984.

The WSH class of forty-five ballast hoppers were the W.A.G.R's first purpose built ballast hoppers. In 1970 fifteen were converted to narrow gauge and reclassified XM. In July 1975 fifteen WSH were written off. The rest followed in 1976. In 1977 XM 30501 was temporarily converted back to WSH for three weeks as were several others for four months in 1981.

Ten WSK class Ballast hoppers were built in 1978 only 2 years after the WSH had been written off. In 1985 all ten were converted to narrow gauge and reclassified XK.

Fifteen WSM class ballast hoppers were converted from WOB class ore wagons in 1977/8. They reverted to WOB in 1997/8.

To go with the ballast hoppers the WAGR needed ballast ploughs (class WSP). In 1965 the WAGR acquired 2 flat top wagons for conversion to ploughs from Commonwealth Railways as part of a job lot of 64 wagons. They were intended to have a 10 year life. They lasted until 1974. A new WSP was created from WQCX 30373 in 1986.

Western Quarries had twenty WHA class hoppers built new in 1985. In 1998 the fleet was purchased by Westrail.

The final group listed here are the WHS class Ballast hoppers purchased second hand from the ATSF rail in the USA.

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