Covered Goods Wagons

The only 4 wheel wagons built new for WAGR were the six WVB class vans built in 1967. Their service lives were very short and they were converted to WBE class brake vans in 1974.

The WV class vans were standard covered goods wagon built for the new standard gauge lines of the W.A.G.R in the 1960s. There were built in three series each with detail differences - most notably in the third group which had a completely different roof. The complete number series was WVX 30702- 30851, 30861- 30995. WSB 30701 was a slightly modified version of this design used as a service van from the outset. Only twenty-seven of the original batch entered traffic on standard gauge bogies in 1967. Ten were issued to traffic in 1967 as class VWV on narrow gauge bogies and the remainder of the first batch (40 wagons) were all issued as VWVs in 1968. By the end of 1968 all but five of the VWVs had been converted to WVX  as the original vans had now been reclassified and the remained were completed in 1969.

The final batch of 135 WVX built in 1970-1 by Mechanical Handling were a little different from the earlier vans especially in terms of the roof profile which gave them a slightly less American look. In 1979 reclassification of the remaining WVX to WBAX began. It was 1982 by the time they had caught up with the last one.

Conversion of WVX class vans started only 9 months after the class was complete when two vans were converted to a semi-louvred configuration and reclassified WVP. Both became class WBAX in 1987

In 1974 fifteen WVX class vans were reclassified WVL after fitting with load dividing bars. A final van was reclassified in 1978 to bring the class total to 16.

In the mid 1980s two new derivatives of the WBAX appeared. These were the WBAZ  and WBNX. Only small numbers of wagons were involved. Meanwhile the WVL and VWP classes were incorporated back into the WBAX class.

Two more drastic conversions appeared in 1988-9. These were both container flats (WQDF and WQEF). In 1992 reclassification to WBWX began with some going to RBAX the following year.  Some of the WBNX became RBPX in 1995, In 1996 mass write offs started presumably because of the continuing shift to container traffic.

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