Wheat Hoppers

From the start of the standard gauge operation in WA shifting wheat was a major task. The WW class were built for the brand new railway for this task. One hundred and forty of these wagons were built between in 1966/7. The class remained intact for thirty years until two were written off 1997.

The W.A.G.R.'s second class of standard gauge wheat hoppers were the WWA class. Although weighing about the same fully loaded as the earlier WW class, they were almost 8 feet longer giving a load increase of five and a half tons. This was due to the use of aluminium rather than steel for the body. They were built in two batches in 1969 and 1977/8.

These two classes of standard gauge hoppers were supplemented by temporary conversions of narrow gauge wagons.

In 1975 several XW class hoppers were converted temporarily to standard gauge by changing the bogies and reclassified WXW. They were all reconverted back to 3'-6" gauge in 1976

In late 1984 the W.A.G.R. converted all of its XG to standard gauge by changing the bogies and reclassified them WXG. They reverted back to XG in January 1985. A different WXG appeared in 1986 when XGA class grain hoppers were converted to WXG although they reverted to XGA in 1987.

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