Class Z Bogie Brake vans Z32 etc.

During the Second World War a group of seven older clerestory roofed vans (type 1) was rebuilt with new bodies (type 15a). These formed the pattern for a batch of eight new vans in 1946, which used old coach bogies (type 15b). They were followed by another ten rebuilds of clerestory roofed vans in 1954, which this time had wider bodies (type 16a). The type 16a vans were numbered as follows:

No. Date rebuilt to VZ Written off
Z32 May 1954 December 1982
Z48 March 1954 May 1984
Z58 April 1954 November 1973
Z63 April 1954 November 1973
Z74 April 1954 November 1977
Z77 April 1954 January 1980
Z89 May 1954 November 1985
Z94 May 1954 December 1968
Z100 May 1954 May 1974 June 1979
Z103 May 1954 April 1982

Another group of ten new vans used the same design in 1955 (type 16b) but ran on coach bogies. The 1959 Engine load tables list the converted vans alongside Z451-460 as does the diagram, noting that only the new vans have toilets. What the diagram doesn't show is that the converted vans retained their 4'-10" bogies and 20' distance between bogies centres from their original underframes. The WAGR outline diagram is shown below.

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