Class QV C.M.E. dept. wheel wagons.

The QV class wheel wagons were a class, which was converted from old vans on three different types of chassis. The two oldest wagons were converted from VB class vans in 1973 (13333, 13341) another VB (13325) was converted in 1974. These wagons were all 33'-0" long. In 1995 number 13325 and 13341 were written off followed by 13333 in 1996.

In 1977 QV 13320 was converted from written off VD23100. This wagon was on the standard 36'-0" long van chassis. It was followed by 13343-5 converted from written off VF class vans and 13346 converted from a VD class (possibly 23013). QV 23463 was converted from a written off WAM class freezer van but was written off again in 1995. In 1995 13320 was also written off. In 1996 13345, 13346 were written off followed by 13343, 13344 in 1998.

In 1979 sheep wagon SA23696 was converted to QV13319. This was the longest member of the class at 42'-0" long over headstocks. This wagon was written off in 1995.

Other Wheel Wagons

There was also a class of four wheeled wagons - class NV .

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