Class VFL Semi-louvred vans with load dividing equipment

In 1970 ten of the VF class vans were fitted with load dividing equipment and reclassified VFL. A similar conversion was also applied to some VD class vans, which became class VDL. The vans involved were 23207, 23209, 23216, 23257, 23283, 23287, 23300, 23328, 23333 and 23340.

VFL 23216 was written off in 1977 followed by 23340 in 1979. VFL 23209 and 23328 were converted back to VF in 1980 and 1984 respectively.

In 1986 23333 was converted to an RCJ class all steel open wagon.

Numbers 23257 and 23300 were written off in 1991 as class VF but I am not sure when they were reconverted as the record cards are silent on the subject.

VFL23207, 23283 and 23287 were written off in 1992.

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