VT Class Filter vans 

The end of wagonload traffic left the WAGR with a large surplus of wagons, some of which were found other uses. Freezer traffic had passed to the roads before most other types and so from 1978 some of the old freezer vans were re-branded as diesel locomotive filter vans and reclassified VT. Three different but related classes were involved (WA, WAM and WAR). In the case of the WAR the mechanical refrigeration equipment was removed leaving a small platform at one end of the van.


23401 ,23453 ex WAR


23403 ex WAR


23473 ex WA


23465 ex WAM


23465 to SB


23401 written off


23473 written off


VDB 23087 was reclassified VT (in 1982) although it only lasted until 1987.

Two VD class vans (23021 and 23081) were then reclassified VT in 1987 and lasted on this traffic until 1996 when they were written off.

VT23021 (below) is now preserved.


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