WBR Class bogie Cold Storage vans

The final class of cold storage van introduced by the W.A.G.R. was the three WBR class vans built in 1967. They were numbered 23431-23433. In general terms they were similar to the earlier WAR class vans but were 42'-0" rather than 36'-0" long over headstocks.

In 1987 23431 was written off followed by 23433 in 1988. However, number 23433 was then written back as an SB class van in 1988 and 23432 was similarly reclassified in the same year.

Other Cold Storage vans

The W.A.G.R.'s other cold storage trucks were classes E, EA, and EB, and the bogie vehicles in classes W, WA, WAM, WAR, WVD, VDB and VDR.  

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