Class VW bogie workmen's vans (odd and ends)

This page contains some unique vehicles which ended up as workmen's vans.
The first was old suburban coach ZG18 which was converted to VW6790 in 1949. It was written off in 1950 but the chassis formed the basis of scale adjusters van VS6790 built in that year.

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Old AL class inspection coach AL38 (originally AG38) became a workmen's van (VW5080) in 1962.

It was written off in 1967.

VW5080 at Wialki c1966-1967 season (RHWA collection)


Bullion van VY4999 was built in 1898.

In 1948 the safe was removed and it became a VW class workmen's van.

It was written off in 1991. More details are on the VY class page.

Both sides of VW 4999 are shown at right with the WAGR outline diagram below.


In 1912 Midland Workshops built a van designed to tour the system so that eyesight tests could be carried out. It was initially numbered VA9700. In 1936 it was reclassified VX9700 and then in 1967 VU9700. Finally in 1970 it was downgraded to a workmen's van and reclassified VW9700. There are more photos of this van on the VX class page


AF13 was a unique prototype suburban coach which was built in 1909.

No more of this type were built although it remained in use until it was written off in 1966.

In 1967 it was reinstated as VW5112. It was finally written off in 1979.

In 1948 passenger brake van ZJ260 (originally ZA 9346) was converted into a bullion van to replace VY4999 and renumbered VY5000.

In 1968 it became a workmen's van as VW5000 but then became inspection coach AL1 in 1972.

It was finally written off as AL1 in 1980.

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