WS class Service wagons

W.A.G.R. standard gauge service stock originally came mainly from two sources. In the beginning the wagons needed to actually build the standard gauge railway were sourced from old Commonwealth railways stock. They were only intended to last for 10 years although some lasted rather longer than that. The fifty WSJ class 4 wheeled Ballast Hoppers were from this source and dated back to the earliest days of the CR. They were on the W.A.G.R. from 1964 along with bogie flats used for track laying.

The WAGR acquired 14 flat top wagons from Commonwealth Railways as part of the job lot of 64 wagons including the WSJs . Twelve of them became class WSF. In 1967 two wagons were converted to WSG and lasted until 1978. Six WSF were sold to Goldsworthy Mining in 1971 and the remainder became class WSE with containers for emergency equipment in 1973. The remaining two wagons became WSP class Ballast Ploughs. One of these ballast ploughs was converted to a WSD re-railing equipment van in 1974. It didn't last long in this form as it was written off in 1979 and the underframe used to construct a WSV class rail bulkhead wagon along with another ex CR wagon.

A new WSF class appeared in 1979 when WSF 30163 was "converted from R" to became a rail winch wagon. Again presumably an ex CR wagon. It was part of a new wave of ex CR wagons which also included a class WSO Rail Guide Wagon, WSQ Rail recovery wagons WSR class rail distribution wagons and the WSS class Rail anchor wagon

The second source was new wagons purpose built for the job. The original breakdown train from 1967 consisted of three wagons in classes WSA (Breakdown Flat) WSB (Breakdown van) and WSC Breakdown Crew Van all brand new. When not out on the line they were to be found at Forrestfield There was also a purpose built workmen's sleeping van (class WSW ) similar in concept to the narrow gauge VWs but also brand new. There were also five brand new tankers for locomotive fuel classed WST (although a WJ class might have been expected)

The WSH class of forty-five ballast hoppers were the W.A.G.R's first purpose built ballast hoppers. In 1970 fifteen were converted to narrow gauge and reclassified XM. The rest were written off in 1975/6 although some did briefly reappear on the standard gauge in 1977 and 1981.

Ten WSK class Ballast hoppers were built in 1978 only 2 years after the WSH had been written off. In 1985 all ten were converted to narrow gauge and reclassified XK. WSL 30650 was a bogie carry wagon purpose built for the job in 1977.

In more recent time conversion of native W.A.G.R. wagons has been the order of the day. Fifteen WSM class ballast hoppers were converted from WOB class ore wagons in 1977/8. They reverted to WOB in 1997/8. A new WSP class sand and waste liquid wagon quite unlike the earlier ballast ploughs was created from a WQCX in 1986. The WSN was converted from a WFDY in 1989 and lasted until 1996.

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